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Special Offers for

Regular Massages

Discover the health benefits of regular therapeutic massages that extend beyond mere relaxation. While indulging in a luxurious massage may offer a momentary feel-good experience, the ongoing advantages of consistent therapeutic massages are profound.


Benefits of Regular Therapeutic Massage:


Stress Relief: Combat the effects of chronic stress by reducing cortisol and insulin levels. This aids in calming the nervous system, lowering heart rate and breathing, relaxing muscles, improving digestion, and boosting endorphins to alleviate pain sensitivity.

Improved Circulation: Enhance tissue nutrition and blood vessel elasticity, resulting in better blood flow and increased oxygen delivery to muscles. Regular massages help alleviate stress that can otherwise hinder arterial blood vessel responsiveness, reducing blood pressure.

Addressing Long-Term Issues: Over time, regular massage therapy can contribute to the improvement of muscle tightness, joint dysfunction, and postural strain.

Experience the holistic benefits of consistent therapeutic massages and unlock a path to improved well-being and vitality.

Save up to 15% by purchasing
multiple sessions upfront

My packages offer significantly reduced rates for therapeutic massage sessions, enabling you to schedule regular visits without straining your budget. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in exploring other massage options.

3 Sessions:

60 minutes: 5% discount - $313.50 - you save $16.50

90 minutes: 5% discount - $456.00 - you save $24.00

6 sessions:

60 minutes: 10% discount - $594.00 - you save $66.00

90 minutes: 10% discount - $864.00 - you save $96.00


9 sessions:

60 minutes: 13% discount - $861.30 - you save $128.70

90 minutes: 13% discount - $1,252.80 - you save $187.20

12 sessions:

60 minutes: 15% discount - $1,122.00 - you save $198.00

90 minutes: 15% discount - $1,632.00 - you save $228.00

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The rates here above are for "Relaxing Therapeutic massage", "Neck, Shoulder and Back massage" and "Breuss for Seniors". Redeem and schedule your massages online, at any time. There's no obligation for you to come in at any designated interval. 3 massage packages expire 6 months from the date of purchase; 6+ massage packages expire 1 year from the date of purchase. Package sessions may be shared with spouse and family.

Please note that cost of the total package is due at the time of your first massage. Not refundable after the first session.

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