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Special Offers for

Regular Massages

The thought of a luxurious massage brings to mind a momentary feel-good treatment, but did you know about all the health benefits you’ll also achieve with a regular therapeutic massage? It has many essential health benefits, and if you get them more regularly, you will realise the advantages they provide.


Regular Massage Relieves the Effects of Stress

It helps to decreases the negative health responses related to chronic stress by decreasing the levels of cortisol and insulin. Consequently, it will calm the nervous system, lower heart rate and breathing, relax muscles and improve digestion. Your endorphins will rise, helping to reduce your sensitivity to pain.


Regular Massage Improves Circulation

It improves the overall nutrition of tissue and elasticity of blood vessels. Consequently, your blood flow will improve, and muscles will get more oxygen. By reducing the stress that causes arterial blood vessel receptors to become less responsive due to over-stimulation, regular massage will help you decrease your blood pressure.


Even long term muscle tightness, joint dysfunction and postural strain can be improved with regular massage.

Save up to 15% by purchasing
multiple sessions upfront

My packages provide deeply discounted prices on your sessions so that you can come in on a regular basis without breaking the bank.

3 Sessions:

60 minutes: 5% discount - $285.00 - you save $15.00

90 minutes: 5% discount - $399.00 - you save $21.00

6 sessions:

60 minutes: 10% discount - $540.00 - you save $60.00

90 minutes: 10% discount - $756.00 - you save $84.00


9 sessions:

60 minutes: 13% discount - $783.00 - you save $117.00

90 minutes: 13% discount - $1,096.20 - you save $163.80

12 sessions:

60 minutes: 15% discount - $1,020.00 - you save $180.00

90 minutes: 15% discount - $1,428.00 - you save $252.00

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The rates here above are for "Relaxing Therapeutic massage", "Deep Tissue Massage", "Neck, Shoulder and Back massage", "Massage for Seniors". Redeem and schedule your massages online, at any time. There's no obligation for you to come in at any designated interval. 3 massage packages expire 6 months from the date of purchase; 6+ massage packages expire 1 year from the date of purchase. Package sessions may be shared with spouse and family.

Please note that cost of the total package is due at the time of your first massage. Not refundable after the first session.

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